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Tomáš Kováčik 

Music composer for media Film, TV, rapper

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All the new stuff I prepare, as well as the finished projects, are here at one place and they are looking forward to you. 


Biography of Prorokk

"Music is a deep connection between soul and body, and because we are receptive human beings, we can perceive it with the deepest emotions."

Tomáš Kováčik a.k.a Prorokk - winner of the second place in the Czech Television Award 2019 and the semifinalist of the Film Music Contest 2020 is one of the Slovak artists and composers of soundtrack music, who is not fake in any way ...

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This is my Portfolio

Experience it right here and now. Listen to songs, in which you will experience feelings such as Hope, Win, Disappointment ,Sadness or Fear, and in a variety of musical styles. 


Music is a huge element in any production, be it a film, a series, an advertisement or a game - because it can grab the viewer's heart and evoke emotions that are very important. Such music created exactly for productions is called musical score. However, no musical score can be created without a clear vision of the director, resp. filmmaker. Vision is like GPS. If we clearly give it a goal, it will lead us there. This means that when composing music, what we want to say about the music is extremely important.

Vintage Movie Projector
Film Preview


It is always a unique and great experience. The musicians add a piece of themselves to the song and enrich it with their inner feelings and emotions, which can never be achieved with samples.

Sensuality and attention to detail is a basic pillar for successful cooperation.

I like to experiment and I am open to new possibilities. My door is open for new talented people. 

Stage Mist

What Score to Choose?

First and foremost, it's about your idea of ​​music. Music in a film, in an advertisement, or in a series, or in a TV spot should enhance the viewing experience and at the same time not disturb it in any way. There are no limits to creativity. Creativity should not be limited by the budget, because the creative process arises in the head.

The most common question is - how much will it cost? We have a variety of options in this industry. The price is moving. The price can be € 400 or € 100,000, depending on exactly what you want.


It depends on how many musicians and people needed for the project will take part (assistants, orchestrators, sound masters, studios) and how long it will take to complete it. We have more options to choose from.

Orchestral score. If we were to record a live orchestra or soloists who would always give the song a piece of themselves and their energy.

Synthetic Scores is where plug-ins and various electronic sounds are used instead of live instruments. Don't be afraid to use electronic music at all. I use it almost all the time. You can listen to music  from the projects I have worked on in the Music section. Personally, I prefer to combine variations of live instruments with electronic music.

Violin Orchestra

Orchestral Score

(Suitable for more classic projects set in the past, or superhero films or documentaries). For orchestral music, it's about involving either a live orchestra, or for smaller budgets, it's about imitating the orchestra with plug-ins so that they sound almost as good as a live orchestra. I deliberately use the word "almost" because the sound of a live orchestra will never replace  sample libraries and plug-ins by the meaning of sound and realism because the amount of  passion that players put into it. 

Hybrid Synthetic Score

(Suitable for modern projects, where it is more a question of what the resulting "SOUND" will be. Also suitable for TV spots or commercials. It is suitable for all types of moods. It is the maximum use of electronic effects in various forms, variations, rhythms and atmospheres that are used to associate with orchestral elements or soloists.

Orchestral Score Prorokk
Hybrid Syntetic Score Prorokk
Orchestra Conductor on Stage

How does it work?

The procedure is simple

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