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Biography of Prorokk

"Music is a deep connection between soul and body, and because we are receptive human beings, we can perceive it with the deepest emotions."


Tomáš Kováčik, alias Prorokk - winner of second place in the Czech Television Award 2019 (announced by Soundtrack Poděbrady) and semifinalist of the Film Music Contest 2020 is one of the Slovak artists and composers of soundtrack music who is not fake in any way. He is no stranger to any of the popular music styles, so he is one of the multi-genre composers of "All Kind of Music". From an early age, he discovered unknown corners of modern music. The beginning of his career dates back to 2009, when he and his good friend Patrik Divéky (Very) founded the brand Comunita Records and the group COMUNITA. Together they made hip-hop music. At that time, Prorokk under his old pseudonym / Freestyle / added his experience with making music and writing lyrics and their subsequent singing and rap. In 2017, Prorokk recorded his first solo album. When he was in the penultimate phase of the recording, he suddenly stopped. The point is that at that time he studied film production in detail and in the near future began to connect the orchestra and synthetic elements. With extensive experience in programming synthetic instruments in conjunction with living instruments, Prorokk ranks among the unique artists in Slovakia.

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