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Prorokk - Memento Mori - Competition Score


At the end of November, there was a new competition about composing a score to a short

film named The Lost Piano, anounced by the #Westwood #Instruments company, which

produces sample libraries for composers. The song was supposed to enhance the

experience of watching the film and not interrupt the dialogue.

"In my version, I tried to express all the key moments of the film musically, but mainlyemotionally with the help of a virtual orchestra and synthetic instruments."

The music was supposed to reflect the inner conversation of the main hero, just like when

you talk to yourself in your mind, during memories, or when music plays in your head that

you can't get rid of. It's a #musical imagination of a #story - remembering old times, what did his mother say when she was still alive. Inner conversation about how he's tired of hearing people talk about how he will never be able to achieve what THEY haven't been able to do in life.

#Violoncello was the main instrument used for expression of the melodic line. There was

added orchestra in the finale.

I was trying to express the inner conversations in an ambient/mystical way as much as

possible. Sometimes the theme is dark, other times it's much emotional.

You will find the score with vide on: YouTube #Comunita #Records:

Article Editor & Translator: Tomáš Dobrotka


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